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This year’s edition of the 2016/17 Winter Lanequest Series, starts on the 4th September and then will run every first Sunday of the month through to March 2017.

For those not sure what a lanequest is, its simply a 2-hour timed event where you have a maximum of 30 check points to navigate around. Each checkpoint carries either 10, 20 or 30 points and the idea is to get as many points as possible in the 2 hours. The idea is we use quiet traffic-free roads whenever possible. It’s a fun event that can be ridden as an individual or can be completed as a team.

In total there are 30 controls, with controls numbered between 1 to 10 being worth 10 points, 11 to 20 being worth 20 points and 21 to 30 being worth 30 points. You select your own route and try and collect as many points as possible, baring in mind the different points for different controls.

It simple!! These events attract lots of different people riding lots of different styles of bikes, with the aim being a bit of fun, while exploring different roads than you would normally ride! After the event there is free food for people who have entered the event. So why not give it a go!

Plans for the next Lanequest Winter Series are:

Sunday 4th September 2016
Sunday 2nd October 2016
Sunday 6th November 2016
Sunday 4th December 2016
Sunday 5th February 2017
Sunday 5th March 2017

Hale lanequest and final table
Sorry for the delay in getting the results back to you from yet another great event from the Kings Arms at Hale. The event was again a success and we were able to provide the Air Ambulance with a cheque of £1200 thanks to your support of these events over the past 2 series. The winner of this event was David Wilson with a score of 530, Well Done!
I would like to also congratulate the winners of each of the prizes:
Pairs Winners- Mike and Rachel Toyn
Male Winner- Dan Noblet
Female Winner Jo Cleary
I would also like to show our appreciation to everyone who organised an event in this series as this takes up their own time and is done at their own expense. So thank you again to Peter Knott, Mark Willacy, Amanda Howard, Mike and Rachel Toyn and Bruce Barnes. Without these people we wouldn't have had the events set up to attend.
Finally we are still looking for anybody who would be interested in organising an event for the next series starting in September.
I hope you all keep enjoying your cycling and stay safe in the mean time!
Regards Tony

Download final results