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Kent Valley R.C.

The South Lakes Premier Cycle Club

November 9th 2018 - 90th anniversary dinner and awards night

Great night at the KVRC 90th anniversary meal and awards night.

Our 90th Anniversary Dinner guest speaker was Professor Phil Leigh who now lectures at the University of Hull. Phil’s links with the Kent Valley go back 45 years where he took everyone on a colourful journey populated by club characters past and present. Phil has been a director of North West Division racing teams, an event organiser, professional racing team director, coach and mentor, and was involved in the running of this year Tour of Britain. He represented GB himself in 1990 and is still holder of the Kent Valley RC 24-hour record with a distance of 461.57mls set in 1995.

Phil Hull (still a double two-up time trial club record-holder) and his seven-piece ukelele band provided a musical backdrop to our Awards Dinner. There was also a Nostalgia Corner for everyone to bring along any old club memorabilia to “share” on the night.

Best all rounder: 1 - G. Wharton 220 points

2 - C. Dixon 216 points

Ladies BAR
C. Rushton 178 points

Veterans BAR

1 - C. Dixon 216 points

2 - A. Barlow 210 points
Junior BAR
M. Fry 96 points
Club Championship 25
1 - G. Wharton 55m16s

2 - N. Wharton 59m22s

3 - G. Howarth 1h2m29s

Ladies 25 Champion

C. Rushton 1h7m4s

Club Championship 10

1 - G. Wharton 22m51s

2 - C. Dixon 23m44s

3 - D. Orme 24m 59s

Ladies Club Championship 10 C. Rushton 27m02s
Wilson Memorial Handicap 25 1 - C. Rushton 51m4s
2 - N. Stirling 53m33s
3 - N. Wharton 55m9s
Shap and Back 1 - T. Gibson 1h16m52s
2 - D. Orme 1h22m8s
3 - N. Wharton 1h24m5s
Shap and Back Handicap 1 - T. Gibson 1h16m52s
2 - D. Orme 1h22m8s
3 - N. Wharton 1h24m5s
Most Improved A. Tanner
Novice award C. Rushton
Road racing cup G. Wharton
Age Gap Challenge Shield - veterans C. Dixon, A. Barlow, T. Bennett - 624 points
Fred Rodway Memorial Long Distance Tankard S. Scott
Steve Raynaard Memorial Bowl
(club member of the year)
J. Knox
Standard Award V60 Bronze A. Leigh 26m44s for 10