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Kent Valley R.C.

The South Lakes Premier Cycle Club

November 10th 2017 - Awards night

Great evening and really interesting Q&A session with our very welcome guest James Gullen: covered everything from what he has for breakfast to the fact that he too has a bedroom full of bikes!! Some very, very useful tips on getting the best out of your ride too, as well as the low down on what life is like as a member of a pro cycling team.
Next year is the club's 90th anniversary.

Best All-Rounder – 1 George Wharton 240pts; 2 Duncan Orme 214pts.

Ladies BAR – Josie Blyth 94pts

Veterans' BAR – 1 Duncan Orme 214pts; 2 Andrew Barlow 210pts

Junior BAR – George Wharton 240pts.

Club Championship 25 – 1. George Wharton 55m 9secs; 2 Duncan Orme 57m 9s; 3 Andrew Barlow 58m 48s.

Club Championship 10 – 1 George Wharton 22m 27s; 2 Duncan Orme 23m 01s; 3 Ian Palmer 24m 52s.

Ladies Club Championship 10 – Josie Blyth 28m 28s.

Wilson Memorial Handicap 25 – 1 Phil Shaw 59m 6s (Plus 3m 1s); 2 Tim Bennett 1h 43s (plus 2m 7s); 3 Andrew Barlow 58m 48s (plus 1m 37s)

Shap and Back – 1 Duncan Orme 1hr 17m 51s; 2 Nick Wharton 1hr 24m 2s; 3 Tim Bennett 1hr 24m 29s.

Shap and Back H’cap – 1 Duncan Orme 1hr 17m 51s (plus 2m 18s); 2 Nick Wharton 1hr 24m 2s (minus 19s); 3 Tim Bennett 1hr 24m 29s (minus 29s).

Most improved – Josie Blyth

Novice Award – Nick Lynton

Road Racing Cup – Duncan Orme

Age Gap Challenge Shield – Veterans (Duncan Orme, Andrew Barlow, Tim Bennett) 627pts.

Fred Rodway Memorial Long Distance Tankard – Steve Scott

Steve Rayneard Memorial Bowl – James Knox

Standard Awards

Silver Standard

David Deakins - V65 10 in 26m 32s

Gold Standard

Neil Stirling - V77 10 in 26.3