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Kent Valley R.C.

The South Lakes Premier Cycle Club

Marshals 2016

Below are the dates for the 2016 time trials. For these events to run we require volunteer marshals to help out on the day. If you are able to help on any of the below dates please get in touch with the Club Secretary.

DATE EVENT No. Volunteers
Wed Apr 13th Milnthorpe 10 2 Fred Pickstone, Richard Belk
Wed Apr 20th Jungle Café hilly 12-mile tt 1 Nigel Hooker
Wed Apr 27th Levens 10 4 Andrew Tanner, Campbell West, Graeme McKee, Adrian Leigh
Wed May 4th Milnthorpe 10 2 Duncan Orme, Judith Irving
Wed May 11th Old Hutton hilly tt 2 Peter Thomas, Ton Dixon
Wed May 18th Milnthorpe 10 2 Roy Gibson, Mike Packham
Wed May 25th M’thorpe SpoCo 15 4 Mike Packham, Neil Stirling, Ann Nicholson, Frank Kilburn, Mary Kilburn, John Roberts, Tony Dixon, Albert Holding, Steve Gove
Wed Jun 1st Milnthorpe 10 2 Peter Temple, Peter Knott
Wed Jun 8th Levens 10 4 Roy Gibson, Phil Shaw, Albert Holding, Frank Kilburn, Bruce Barnes
Wed Jun 15th Jungle Café hilly tt 1 Amanda Howard
Wed Jun 22nd Milnthorpe 10 2 Bruce Barnes
Wed Jun 29th Jungle Café hilly tt 1 Graeme MacKee
Wed Jul 13th Wilson/Int Club/Champs 25 8 Bruce Barnes, Graeme MacKee, Andrew Tanner, Judith Irving, Keith McMath, Albert Holding, Tom Gibson, Rob Wharton, Tony Dixon
Wed Jul 20th Levens 10 4 Roy Gibson, Clive Boothman, Kerry Shaw
Wed Jul 27th Milnthorpe 10 2 Peter Knott, Cherith Knott
Wed Aug 3rd Old Hutton hilly tt 2 Steve Gove, Andrew Tanner
Wed Aug 10th Milnthorpe ‘15’ club event 4 Graeme MacKee, Keith McMath, Albert Holding
Wed Aug 17th Milnthorpe 10 2 Amanda Howard, George Wharton
Sun Aug 21st Shap & Back hilly 28mls tt 2 Keith McMath
Wed Aug 24th Jungle Café hilly tt 1 Richard Belk
Wed Aug 31st Milnthorpe 10 2
Sun Dec 18th Xmas Milnthorpe 10 2