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Beginning time trials - faqs

What is time trialling?

Time trialling is the simplest kind of bike race and it is about how fast you and your bike can cover a set distance. You can find out more at the race of truth web site – click here

What club events are happening?

Kent Valley Road Club has a wide range of club time trialling events (from 8 to 30 miles) - click here for events

The Milnthorpe 10 (undulating) and Old Hutton (hilly) events are good if it is your first time trial – click on the names to view the courses.

Can I come and watch to see what it’s like?

You are welcome to come and watch – please contact the Club Secretary – click here

What equipment do I need?

A roadworthy bike – many of our riders are just on normal race bikes, you don’t need a time trial specific bike.

We recommend you wear a helmet (for riders under 18 this is compulsory) and have a rear light.

Will I be fast enough?

We welcome a wide range of abilities – time trialling is about you, your bike and time. However, once you have set a time it’s great fun trying to improve.

How do I enter?

If you want to have a chat with someone then please get in touch with the Club Secretary – click here.

Wednesday club events – you can enter by:
  • Phoning Giant Kendal store (Tel 015395 728057) after Wednesday lunchtime and asking for a race number.
  • On the night – turn up at the event car park at least 30 minutes before the event and there will be someone signing the riders on and they will explain things and give you your number. You’ll be asked to read and sign an official entry sheet (if you’re under 18 you’ll also need a signed parental consent form available in the downloads on the right side of the page).

Each event has a small entry fee of £3 plus £1 to cover insurance.

So what happens on the night?

If you want someone to meet you on your first event then please contact the Club Secretary – click here.

So you have signed in and have your number / start time – normally people do a warm up and arrive at the starting line about five minutes before their start time.

Riders will be queuing in number order.

When it’s your turn, pull up to the line and with 30 seconds to go the starter will hold your bike so you can clip in and you are ready to go...

When you cross the finish line please shout your number so the time keeper knows who you are.

Results – the time keeper will bring the results back to the signing on area and you can see how you did. Results also go on the KVRC web site.

Are there any rules?

You are responsible for your own safety – do not ride with your head down and the marshals are there to warn other road users and cannot stop traffic.

Be courteous to other road users – our club has a good reputation.

No drafting other competitors.

Once the race has started do not ride on the course for warm up.

Do I have to join Kent Valley Road Club?

You can ride up to three events before deciding if you want to become a member.

Membership is only £10 – please contact the Membership Secretary – click here