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Kent Valley R.C.

The South Lakes Premier Cycle Club

Levens 10

Course ref: L1015
Distance: 10 miles
Profile: flat

START in lay-by on A590 approximately 500 yards south-west of junction with southbound A6 at the white mark on kerb edge which is 22 yards from the eastern end of the tarmac footpath and 33 yards east of an AA telephone point. This mark is directly in line with a wooden fence post with two angled supports in the hedge and almost in line with the most easterly of two ‘Please take your litter home’ signs. Proceed along the A590 in a south-westerly direction to encircle roundabout on Lindale by-pass (5.243 miles). Retrace along the A590 to FINISH in line with metal cover in northern grass verge embossed ‘Charlton Ironworks Sheffield’ which is approximately 12 yards east of large road sign on slip-road to the A6 approximately 90 yards short of junction of Levens Bridge/ Levens Village road (10miles).